Top 10 Best Shower Head Guide – From Hotel to Home and Back

For many people, an invigorating shower is the best way to start the day. That’s why a lot of individuals are willing to spend for the best shower head. With a good shower head, you can enjoy a strong stream of water for a very refreshing shower. Or you can minimize the flow of water if you want to cut down on your water bills. Indeed, a good shower head is a must-have for any homeowner.



There are two types of shower head— fixed and handheld.

As the name suggests, the fixed shower head is mounted permanently to the shower unit’s wall. It is the more commonly installed type. Its height may also be adjusted so that tall or short people will be able to use it comfortably.

On the other hand, a handheld shower head is connected to the shower unit’s wall through a flexible hose or tubing. It is ideal for the use of people who have limited mobility due to injury or illness. It’s also a great fit for homes with children and pets. At times, a handheld shower head may be used in cleaning the tub, shower floors, and surrounding areas.

Factors to Consider

These are some of the important considerations in shopping for a shower head:

  • Spray patternyou would want a shower head that has an easy to adjust spray pattern. Most of the showerheads available in the market offer three basic spray patterns—a broad coverage that mimics the effects of rain showers, a drenching spray pattern that is ideal for rinsing shampoo from the hair, and a focused pattern that produces the sharp spray. But the more spray patterns that the shower head has, the better as it would give you more options.
  • Ease of installation—the best shower head is one that you can install by yourself using an adjustable wrench and plumber’s tape. It will also help if the unit comes with a set of instructions and a customer support line.
  • Height—this is a factor that applies to fixed shower heads. It is recommended that you measure the shower enclosure first before you buy a fixed shower head so that you would know the height and angle of the shower head once you have it installed.
  • Energy saving— shower heads with a WaterSense label are recommended for you if you want to save water and money. These are low-flow shower heads that use less water, giving you more savings in the long run.
  • Other features— the more advanced shower heads have integrated wireless speakers, which would let you stream your music playlist so you can sing along to music while taking a shower. There are also models with LED lights that can set the mood for your showers.

Other Factors

  • Price
  • Warranty
  • Material
  • Finish/Design

Top Ten Best Shower Head

We’ve made shopping easier for you as we handpicked the ten best shower heads today. You won’t regret buying any of these shower heads:

It is not hard to know why this has consistently been ranked as among the best shower heads. It is a combo, 2-in-1 shower head that comes with 24 full and combined water flow patterns.

With two shower heads, you can either use one shower head or use both together.

Hydroluxe Combo Shower Head

With its oversized, 4-inch chrome face, this shower head combo would give you enough coverage. It’s very easy to install as well that you don’t have to get the services of a plumber. Moreover, the manufacturer gives a long, 10-year warranty on this shower head combo.

Although the shower head is made of plastic, many reviews indicate that it is very sturdy. It also has a metal chrome finish that makes it look very stylish. Plus the price is very reasonable.

There are only a few things you won’t like about this shower head, like water leaking out of the head as reported by some disgruntled users.

This is another combo shower head that features two luxury shower heads. The first shower head, measuring 7 inches, can provide a rainfall shower pattern while the second one is smaller at 4 inches.

The smaller shower head offers seven settings including power rain and pulsating massage.

DreamSpa® 3-way Rainfall-Shower-Head

This shower head has a long, 5 feet stainless steel hose. It is also easy to install as you would not need any tools and can be mounted to a standard overhead shower arm in a few minutes. If you’re anxious about your water bills, you can press the pause mode to save water.

The manufacturer produces this product with a lifetime limited warranty. One setting it has is the mist spray, which is something you won’t find in most shower heads.​

This is an excellent choice for a shower head although it does have some flaws. Like most shower heads, there’s a tendency for water to leak.​

This handheld showerhead combines ergonomic design with peak performance. A major selling point is its flow control technology which lets the unit to spray water at greater force despite low water pressure.

It can save up to 20 percent more water and electricity than a standard shower head.


With a chrome finish, it can be the focal point of your bathroom. The metal hose is long at six feet and very flexible. The hose is at least a feet longer than those of other handheld shower heads.​

The nine-jet turbo massage setting is also another reason why a lot of users speak highly of this unit. You can choose water spray settings from forceful to gentle with this shower head.​

Although it doesn’t give you a wider coverage compared to the other shower heads in this list, this chrome handheld massage shower head is still a good choice, especially with its low price.​

This is yet another shower head combo, which gives you the option of using each shower separately or together. Together, the two shower heads have a combine 30 water flow patterns. It is unlikely you will-will want for more spray patterns to choose from when you install this shower head combo in your bathroom.


There are various settings for each shower head, including power rain, hydrating mist, pulsating massage, and rain/massage. There’s also the water-saving economy rain if you are wary of your water bills shooting up.​

The stainless steel hose is quite flexible and measures five feet long. Again, you won’t be worrying about installing it as you can connect to any standard overhead shower arm in minutes.​

A limited lifetime warranty backs this product by its manufacturer.​

The main beef people have with this shower head is that the switch located between the first head and handheld can be tough to turn, especially when it is wet.​

This fixed shower head can make your shower look very stylish and contemporary. With its mirrored look, square shape design, the shower head can give a touch of elegance to your bathroom. They said rectangular shape, the eight-inch design provides extra full coverage, with 100 rubber nozzles. Those nozzles are easy to clean, allowing you to get rid of mineral deposits that would build up there over time.


Many users are in awe of this product. They say it provides them with tons of water, and that they get to enjoy their showers ever since they had this unit installed at home.​

But then again, some say they’re worried about their water bills because there’s too much water coming out of this shower head.​

This one isn’t as fancy looking as the previous item, but you can be assured of great savings when you have the Delta Faucet water shower head installed in your shower. It has the chrome finish that gives it an elegant look.

But wait till emits a steady, pulsating stream of water that can invigorate you after a tiring day.


There are four spray settings to choose from in this shower head. There’s a full body spray, another with massage, a quick massage, and a pause setting, which lets you save water.​

The spray holes are also easy to clean, enabling you to get rid of calcium and line that would eventually build up over time.​

This shower head’s main selling point is its ability to filter the water. By purifying the water, it can help you rejuvenate your skin even as you enjoy an invigorating shower.

It can also save water without compromising water pressure because of its perforated laser technology.


Again, this one is easy to install as it connects to any standard hose within minutes.​

Most users, though, wish that the shower head size is bigger than its actual 2.5-inch diameter.​

This shower head is yet another solid pick if you are looking for a unit that can maximize water flow without causing a surge in your water consumption. It is equipped with the patented OptiFLOW technology of the manufacturer that guarantees powerful shower head performance.

The said feature can improve water force even at low water pressure by more efficiently channeling water.


There are six spray settings in this shower that you can choose from. You can switch from gentle spray to high-pressure massage within seconds. This handheld showerhead comes with a five-foot long hose. It has a beautiful chrome finish.​

The company behind this product, Waterpik, has been in business since the 70s, so it is trusted and reputable. It backs up this shower head with a lifetime guarantee.​

The major beef that users have with this shower head is the unpleasant smell of the rubber hose.​

You can choose from five spray patterns in this handheld shower head, including massage spray, saturating spray, bubbling spray, saturating spray/bubbling spray, and soaking spray/massage spray.

Ana Bath SS5450CCP Handheld Shower Head

This handheld shower is easy to install, and you don’t need special tools to do so. It has a three-year warranty, which is a bit short compared to the other units in this list.​

Although the limited warranty is a downer, this shower head is still a good choice nonetheless. You can decide to use one or both the shower heads at the same time. Cleaning it is easy as well.​

Moen is one of the best faucet brands in Northern America. Its good reputation is on full display with this multi-function shower head.

With it chrome finish, this shower head can add a touch of elegance to your shower. But wait until you use this shower head.


There are three spray settings in this unit. It may be very few when you compare it to the other shower heads, but many users say they were happy despite the limited selection of spray settings. They also say that installing it is very easy and would take just a few minutes.​

Aside from those positives, users say there’s no water leak at all in this shower head. They also say that it is very easy to adjust the water pressure. The very low price is the cherry on top, so to speak.​

Final Note

These are 10 of the best shower head that you can find online and even at a nearby home improvement center. So why don’t you start shopping now and compare features and prices of these units? Your family members will thank you for installing a new shower head that can make their stay in the shower area more enjoyable.

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