Best Shower Filter Reviews

When it comes to choosing products for our bathrooms, we tend to give lots of consideration to the fixtures such as the tub, sink, and the toilet as well as to the showerhead and faucets. However, there tends to be an overlooking of the supportive parts to the bathroom until there is a problem or a discomfort. And while most people will not suffer from any ill effects if they do not have the best shower filter installed, there can be a very recognizable annoyance or presence that something about the bathroom just is not right.

In many cases, a shower filter can fix the discomforts of the shower. Signs that you may need to install a showerhead filter include hard water, irritation to the skin, a chemical smell to the water (including a sulfur like smell although this may be a bigger problem), and redness/rashes after bathing. Although these symptoms may be a bigger issue than the water, having a shower filter installed is a relatively cheap way to help prevent these problems.

Shower head filters should not be confused with shower heads. They are two completely different parts of the shower, and while the two work together, each is independent of themselves. Granted, there are a few models that merge the two together, but the best shower head filters are separate from the actual shower head.

Whether you own the house or are renovating a bathroom on a rental or lease property, understanding the benefits as well as how to choose the shower filter is essential to maximizing the overall quality of the water and bathing experience.

What is a shower head filter?

A shower head filter is an apparatus that sits between the main piping and the showerhead. On occasion, the filter is built into the head. Regardless of the design, the shower head filter aims to minimize or eliminate the presence of Chlorine in the water.

The Showerhead filter works by creating a reaction between the water (either with the use of a Kinetic Degradation Fluxion or Vitamin C). With the KDF the toxins in the water attach to the filter and work much like any water filtration device. The pure water goes through the showerhead, and the debris is trapped on the filter. With Vitamin C, the Chlorine is absorbed by the vitamin leaving you with a cleaner water source for your shower. Keep in mind that this is a filter and not a permanent fixture. Occasionally you will need to clean out the filter and replace parts. However, the shower filters last quite a while.

Advantages of a Shower Head Filter

Dependent upon where you live and the quality of water that is being provided, there are some advantages which the shower head filter can provide including:

  • Healthier Hair – As your hair is going to be the thing closest to the shower on a consistent basis, it is never a good thing to expose it to chemicals such as chlorine. Eliminating the chlorine and having purer water will increase the strength of the follicles in the scalp and give you healthier hair.
  • A more enjoyable bathing experience – When you bathe in a shower that has chemicals there is a distinctive smell. And where you may feel that you have to deal with the nasty smelling water, a filter can minimize or eliminate this odor. By doing such, your showering experience is increased.
  • Reduced irritation on the skin and eyes – If you have ever opened your eyes in a large chlorinated pool, you can understand the pain in which it can cause. The same chemicals in a pool can be in your water (primarily the high chlorine content). This can cause irritation to the eyes and the skin. Because KDF and Vitamin C take out this chemical, there is less irritation caused from bathing.

How to Choose Shower Filter

By now, you should understand that the water that comes from your pipes can be purified dramatically with the use of a shower head. Finding the best shower head filter may be a bit of a task if you do not know what to look for, When picking the shower filter, there are a few key elements to consider.

  • Ensure that the filter is either KDF or Vitamin C. If you find that the filter is using another methodology to take out the chlorine and toxins, you may want to be weary. KDF and Vitamin C are tested and accurate methods for the shower filter, other methods may not be.
  • Longevity should be considered on any shower filter you purchase. Where the filter may offer great options for replacement and affordability, if the life of the filter is too short then you are not getting a quality product.
  • Materials used in the manufacturing of the product. Like with a shower head, the shower filter will be made of a durable material. Try to avoid cheap plastics or thin metals as these are susceptible to breaking, bending, and cracking.
  • Check to see how much replacement parts will be. If there are no replacement parts, then you may want to consider another brand (unless of course, the replacement apparatus is cheap enough to replace the whole unit).
  • Bring pictures of your bathroom with you so that you can test the aesthetics of the filter with the rest of the bathroom. You want to merge the functionality with the look and feel of the bathroom. It would do ill to have a great interior design in the room just to have it thrown off with a big and bulky filter that does not meet your needs.