How to Buy High Pressure Shower Head? Step by Step Guide

Do you hate it when you hit the shower only to learn that the water pressure is too low? It can be a terrible start to your day. At times, low water pressure can’t be blamed to your area’s water supply. It could also be due to your shower head. Replacing it with a high pressure shower head may be what all you need to enjoy your time in the bathroom.

What is a high pressure shower head?

A high pressure shower head is specially designed to provide a high pressure spray with the same amount of water flow. This means that you don’t need to have a high water pressure in your place order to enjoy a refreshing shower, as long as you have a high pressure shower head in your bathroom.

Contrary to what some may perceive, this type of shower head isn’t wasteful at all. Most shower heads of this kind are incorporated with a water saving technology so that water use won’t exceed the 2.5 gallons per minute limit in the United States. It would still give the user a high spray without using a lot of water.

There are different kinds of high pressure shower head. The most common are the fixed head, which is affixed to the shower arm. This type of shower head can’t be removed. But settings and angles can be adjusted depending on the user’s preferences.

The second kind is the hand held shower. As the name indicates, this kind of shower head can be pulled down from a holder and directed to a particular part of the body for rinsing. It can also be mounted in holders and used just like a solid head.

Then there are the combination shower heads, which combines the qualities of fixed and handheld shower heads.

What are the advantages of a high pressure shower head?

There are several reasons why homeowners opt to have this type of shower head installed in their bathrooms.

One reason is that rinsing is a lot faster with a high pressure shower. Soap and shampoo are rinsed off quickly with a high pressure shower head. This is something that appeals to busybodies, who want to finish their shower right away because they have lots of things to attend to.

Another reason why many homeowners like to have a high pressure shower in their bathrooms is the relaxation they get from it. In a way, a powerful shower can mimic the effects of hydro massage on the body. High pressure shower can stimulate circulation and relax tired and stressed muscles.

In fact, many people like to spend a few minutes in the bathroom and enjoy a high shower after a tiring day in the office. There are also those who can’t start their day without taking a refreshing shower.

How to choose a high pressure shower head?

Since good pressure shower heads come with different designs, finish, and prices, you might get overwhelmed with the broad range of choices. While you can buy a low-cost shower head for as little as $10, you still don’t want to purchase and replace a shower head anytime soon. Thus, you need to find a reliable and good quality unit that will be a fixture in your bathroom for years.

There are several factors that you will have to consider when choosing a good pressure shower head:

  1. Design — Generally, good pressure shower heads either have a pressure chamber or adjustable settings. Usually, a shower head with pressure chamber can give a stronger shower than one with an adjustable setting. Check the product description of the unit you’re interested in before buying.
  2. Functions — if you’re just looking for a shower head with primary coverage, you can settle for a standard unit. But if you want to change the shower spray settings now and then, look for a group with different functions. Apparently, that one will cost more.
  3. Head size — if the water pressure in your area is low, you’d rather opt for a unit with a narrow head size. Most of the time, a shower head with a smaller spray area can give a much stronger shower.
  4. Water flow rate — if low water pressure is an issue, you can look for a high pressure shower head which is designed for low water flow situations. Instead of the maximum 2.5 gallons per minute limit, you can look for a unit that can allow for a water flow of 1.75 GPM.
  5. Quality — you can check consumers’ reviews and opt for a unit made by reputable makers. A good quality shower head from a reputable brand will likely last for many years.
  6. Warranty — you may be in awe of the beauty of a shower head you just installed in your bathroom, but how sure are you that it won’t have any flaking right after you use it? As such, buy a product with an extended warranty so you can get protected against defects.
  7. Finish — choose a shower head which can complement the look and feel of the bathroom. Look at other fixtures in your bathroom such as tub and sink faucets, and even the paint and décor to determine the type of finish you’d want from a shower head.

This is a reasonably priced shower head that sells for less than $50. While it is affordable, you will be surprised to learn that this unit packs a lot of features, too.

This is a water-saving shower head that has two flow settings—2.5 gallons per minute, and 1.85 gallons per minute. You can still enjoy a powerful shower even with the flow setting set at 1.85gpm with this shower head.

According to Delta, this showerhead can deliver up to 36 percent less water compared to standard showerheads thanks to the use of its proprietary H20 Kinetics Technology. The said technology shapes the water into a unique pattern, thus giving the impression of a strong spray without actually using a lot of water.

It’s also very user-friendly. It has four large spray holes which are designed not to clog up. This means that clean up should be quick and easy. There’s a metal ball connector in this shower head.

You don’t have to worry about your water bills because this shower head meets the stringent WaterSense criteria of the US Environmental Protection Agency. It’s water efficient. The use of this shower head won’t add up to your utility bills.

Moreover, this unit has a lifetime faucet and finish warranty.

WantBa 6 Inches Rainfall High Pressure Shower Head

Its diameter measures six inches, and it has a 2.5gpm regulator which is placed in a separate zip lock bag. But since you would want to enjoy a powerful shower with this head, it is recommended that you don’t install this regulator so that water pressure won’t be affected.

This shower head can unleash a powerful shower, but not to the point where the water spreads out. Thus, there’s no wastage of water at all.

This shower head can also enhance the look of any bathroom. With its chrome finish, it can complement bathroom fixtures like faucets with the same finish. It is built of stainless steel. Therefore, it should last for a long while.

Culligan WSH-C125 10,000 Gallon Capacity Filtered Showerhead

Upon opening of the product package, you’ll find the shower head which has a chrome finish. There are five spray settings in this shower head, including a massage spray. For maximum water coverage, adjust the setting to a full body spray. A pulse spray, meanwhile, can help you relax those tired muscles.

It can filter sulfur, chlorine and other chemicals that can harm your scalp. These water impurities are known to damage the hair follicles and cause scalp itchiness and dryness.

Another thing that you will like about this shower head is the ease of installation. You don’t need to call a plumber and ask for professional assistance. You don’t even require to use special tools. There’s a Teflon tape included in the package, and you simply have to wrap it around the shower arm and attach the head.

In case you find any defects on the unit, don’t worry as the shower head is backed by a limited five-year warranty.

However, you should replace the water filter of this shower head. According to Culligan, the filter must be replaced every six months. Not doing so can affect the flow of water, which means you may not be able to enjoy powerful showers with this unit.

Yakult(TM) Luxury 12 Inch Large Square Stainless Steel Shower Head

What one of the concerns homeowners have with a shower head is corrosion. This won’t be an issue with this shower head from Yakult as it is made of high quality 304 stainless steel.

Installation won’t be a cause for concern as you only have to unscrew the old shower head, remove the old tape from the shower arm, then screw this shower head. You don’t even have to call a plumber for help in installing this fixture.

The shower head is equipped with an air energy technology, allowing it to deliver powerful shower consistently even when the water pressure at home is less than ideal. The high water flow from this unit will help relieve stress. The unit comes with a five-year warranty.

Speakman S-2005-HB Hotel Anystream High Pressure Adjustable Shower Head

One is the ease of installation and maintenance. You simply have to use the plumbers tape included in the package to tape it on the shower arm. Twist the shower head into the arm, and it’s ready to provide you with a luxurious shower. Maintenance is easy as you only have to clean it periodically with mild soap and warm water.

The shower head is powered by the brand’s proprietary Anystream Technology. It’s designed to deliver an enjoyable shower experience to its users. You can choose from different spray patterns by simply rotating the handle of the shower head. There are 50 full body sprays integrated into this shower head, apart from the eight massage jets.

With this shower head, you can enjoy the reinvigorating shower that clients of some of the numerous famous hotels in the world experience regularly. This type of shower head has been a fixture in Hotels like Renaissance Hotels and Resorts for many years now.