How To Buy Ceiling Shower Head? Step By Step Guide

You don’t need to be in a hotel to enjoy a pleasurable and relaxing shower. Installing a ceiling shower head can enable you to experience a refreshing shower day in, day out. You can also adjust the spray patterns of the shower head depending on your mood. And most ceiling shower head comes in contemporary designs that can enhance the look and feel of any bathroom.

What is a Ceiling Shower Head?

A ceiling shower head is one that is mounted on the ceiling. It’s the ideal kind of shower head for people who are in a hurry and thus would want to rinse as quickly as possible. The broad coverage means there’s no need for the user to move the full shower head will be enough to drench the entire body.

Ceiling shower heads come in different finishes, such as glass, chrome, and stainless steel.​

There are also different spray patterns, from full body sprays where there’s consistent pressure from all spray holes to soft rain showers where water feels like spring rain. Massage is another type of spray pattern incorporated in high ceiling shower heads, with high-pressure settings that can allow the user to enjoy a massage-like relaxation. Then there’s jet or a high-pressure water pattern that has a strong stream option.​

Some high-end shower heads even come with a digital controller that lets the user start or stop water, adjust temperature, and control water flow.​

Advantages of a Ceiling Shower Head​

The main advantage of a showerhead mounted on the ceiling is that it is placed right over the head of the user. There’s no need to adjust your body’s position so that certain parts of the body will be rinsed off well. This is a convenient option for many people because they simply have to stand under the ceiling shower head, and enjoy the shower in peace.​

Another advantage of a ceiling shower head is that it can enhance the look and feel of any bathroom. Ceiling shower heads come in different finishes such as chrome, stainless steel, brass, gold, platinum, and aged pewter, among others. Installing a shower head in your bathroom can make that part of your house more inviting, and give it a hotel room-like finish.​

When remodeling a bathroom, look for a ceiling shower head that will complement the look of other bathroom accessories like the tub faucet.​

Lastly, you can enjoy a relaxing shower when you have a ceiling mounted shower head. It’s a great fixture to have in your bathroom, as you can relax and de-stress in the shower after a long tiring day.​

How to Choose a Ceiling Shower Head​

There are several things that you will require to consider in shopping for a ceiling shower head. Below are some of the factors that you need to weigh in when looking for a ceiling mounted shower head:

  • Spray Pattern - shower heads differ in spray patterns. Some can give a healthy, invigorating shower. Others can provide a gentle trickle, while most units have settings that can be changed to alter the spray pattern. If you’re content with a gentle trickle, then you can pick a shower head with a single spray pattern and stick with it. There’s no need to buy a ceiling shower head with multiple spray patterns. But if you’re sharing the bathroom with someone else, you might have to look for a shower head with more spray settings or patterns.
  • Your Height - If you’re quite tall, you don’t want to install a large shower head that hangs down too low for you to stand under it. If you’re a bit small, you would want a short or thin shower head. Measure the shower enclosure first so you’ll have an idea on the height of the ceiling shower head that you’ll be buying.
  • Quality - the materials used and the settings of the shower head are some of the things you need to consider in gauging the quality of the product. You don’t need to buy a shower head from a leading brand name, however. You can read customers’ reviews online to acquire a better understanding of the build quality of the shower head you’re planning to get.
  • Ease of installation – you should look for a shower head that is relatively simple to install to the point that you don’t have to call a plumber. The good news is that most models today are simple to install, necessitating only a wrench and plumber’s tape. An excellent instructional manual can further make the installation process quick.
  • Simple to adjust - While there are ceiling shower heads that have a single flow pattern, those that have multiple flow patterns should be easy to switch or change settings.
  • Price - you can spend as low as $20 on a ceiling shower head to as much as $500 and beyond. Naturally, the high-end models have unique features that make them more expensive. When you’re down to two models with similar functions or features, you’d rather settle for the lower priced unit.
  • Water Pressure in Your Area - if your place doesn’t enjoy high water pressure, then you might not get the most out of a ceiling shower head. But if water pressure isn’t a concern, look for a shower head with integrated water flow adjustment that can help in managing the amount of water streaming. In the United States, the highest flow rate allowed for shower heads of any type is 2.5 gallons per minutes. Standard water pressure level is 80 pounds per square inch (psi).
  • Kind of water in your place - if you live in an area with the hard water system, you should get steel shower heads with anti-rust features. You can also go for a shower head made of plastic or with anti-stain finishing.
  • Warranty - it pays to buy a ceiling shower head that is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. This gives you the peace of mind understanding that you can return the product in case you notice defects.

Top 4 Ceiling Shower Head

We’ve made shopping easier for you as we handpicked the four best ceiling shower head. You won’t regret buying any of these shower heads:​

​This is a rainfall type shower head. It boasts of a large spray space (12x12 inches) with oil rubbed bronze finish. It’s constructed from stainless steel, designed to last for years. It’s designed to hang vertically from the ceiling.

If you live in one of those areas prone to hard water, you’ll appreciate this rainfall shower heads as it cleaning those white stains typical of hard water build up is easy. The rubber jets allow for the easy cleanup of hard water build up.​

Ceiling Shower Head - Hiendure® Rainfall Shower Head

From one of the leading makers of branded bathroom faucets comes this relatively high-end ceiling shower head. While it may have a steep price tag, you’ll realize that you are getting your money’s worth with this shower head.

For one, this shower head is made from stainless steel. It’s solid and all metal. Unlike other cheaper shower heads, it is not plated with chrome.​

Ceiling Shower Head-Delta Faucet RP50841SS Universal Showering Components

The shower head has a very contemporary look that can make any bathroom look more attractive and inviting.

There’s a flow restrictor that you can access inside the cartridge in the shower valve. Adjust this to control the flow of water. The shower head also has a filter that can keep large particles from entering small orifices, and distribute water more evenly.​

If you’re looking for a shower that can give a gentle rainfall effect in your bathroom, this unit from Delta Faucet is what you should get. There are lots of individual nozzles in the shower head designed to give you that drenching feeling.​

And even if the water pressure in your house isn’t that high, you can be assured that there will be water coming out of every nozzle in this shower head.​

American Standard is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to kitchen and bathroom fixtures. It has been in the industry for more than a century, and its products were ranging from toilets, faucets, and yes, shower heads, are known for being of superior quality.

Take, for instance, this 10-inch contemporary shower head. There’s no doubt that the price tag is a bit steep, but American Standard integrated a lot of features in this fixture.

Ceiling Shower Head-American Standard 10-Inch Modern Rain Easy Clean Showerhead

If you’ve ever experienced how fun it is to play in the rain, you will love this showerhead. It is designed to provide a steady downpour of water. Its 10-inch diameter will provide enough water coverage, refreshing your body in the process.

The shower head is made from stainless steel and has a very contemporary design. Its satin nickel finish will make heads turn, and enhance the look excellent of the bathroom and it should look attractive for many years because the shower head is tarnish, scratch, and corrosion resistant.​

This is a more affordable alternative to the American Standard shower head. It’s not a bad choice either in as far as the quality is concerned.

This shower head is made of solid stainless steel. Its finish looks like brushed nickel, and thus won’t hold fingerprint marks unlike mirrored finishes.

Ceiling Shower Head-ALFI brand RAIN 12-Inch Solid Square Ultra Thin Rain Shower Head

With its contemporary design, this rain shower head should make your bathroom very appealing. You’ll be surprised at the thickness of this shower head—just 2 millimeters. The thin design means you can mount it even on a low ceiling bathroom.

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