Best Electric Showers Reviews

Hey everyone, welcome to my website on Electric Shower reviews. Electric shower is one of the most essential things we need in our daily routine. It’s not a things we change more often, showers generally last for years. So, it’s really important to invest our money in the best Electric shower in market. Once you buy and install a perfect shower you save a lot of unwanted time on repair and other maintenance tasks. This article or perhaps this whole site is dedicated to showcase and guide you in buying the best electric shower for your needs. We have sorted list of some Electric showers based on Price, Ratings and user reviews. Go through them and you may find the one for you.

With advancement is technologies, showers come with amazing features this days. Now a days some famous companies such as Mira, CORAL,Triton, Aqualisa and Gainsborough are out with exiting bathroom appliance of modern electric showers which can be configurable by the user. It totally depends on user requirement with that a person will be able to set temperature and flow pressure, along that a user can adjust the spray of the shower nozzle head. So market is full of with electric showers now it depends on user requirement to choose one which is going to meet its requirement. Here are some tips to consider when buying Electric shower.

  • Don’t hesitate for paying more, it’s the product that you are going to use for years.
  • Check if the Shower installation should be easy.
  • Make sure it makes efficient use of water and electricity.

What’s the Use of an Electric Shower?

  • Electric showers are needed to provide normal temperature water out of the cold water supply, which is a good tending against one’s electric boiler and high electric bills.
  • The power consumption of electric showers is in-between 8.5 kW and 10.8kW. To get the best use of the electric shower just get it installed to a separate fuse connection of electrical supply circuit.
  • Here are some amazing uses of electric shower: No water wastage, No waiting time to heat water, No electricity wastage and custom settings.
  • It is easy to use and cheaper to buy than other types of showers.
  • It still performs its work even if your boiler stops working.
  • It’s relatively cheaper comparing the services it provides.

Types of Electric Shower:

In order to have a good quality of electric shower a user need to consider some important factors such as boiler type, water pressure in-house, weather condition and most important is budget.

After considering these factors one can choose between these types such as

  1. Power Shower
  2. Electric shower
  3. Mixer Shower
  4. Digital shower as per requirements of the individual.

Electric shower is of course a simple technique with a professional look to ensure the economy of the customer. It’s boasted with thermostats temperature controls which is safe and advances type in modern technology.

Power showers come with an integrated pump in it to tackle the problem of low pressure water supply in home.

Mixer showers are available with wide range of designs starting from bar to build of design for easy way to handle. These types of showers can work in both low and high pressure of water systems with automatic shut down after reaching the required temperature set by the user or even in fewer water supplies.

Digital Showers is eco-conscious which can be considered because of attractive feature of digital display. It can be considered as boasts of the latest technology embedded to the showers.Thus a user can literally customize all the shower settings that suit to its lifestyle by setting the modes, temperatures and can utilize the eco settings for true required reason.

But the shower should be installed by a professional only. It can work in low pressure water supply if some user wants it can enhance by the integral pump that help to overcome this problem.

Advantages of Using an Electric Shower:

Electric showers just heat the water when you want. It means it only needs cold water supply to start working and is always ready to use without preheating of the water.

This is a good reason for user’s energy bills, as well as save time for unnecessary water heating.

With the advance model the temperature can be controlled which act as a positive point against other water heaters.

And it still performs its work even if boiler stops working due to any reason.

Features of Electric showers:

There are few features to be considered before buying an electric shower.

1. Shower Head

It’s the spray part attachment to allow the flow of water which is called as the raiser rail. In different products different type of shower heads are attached which is specified by the designer company. They design their own product to specify the importance of their design. For a user it is important to consider the spray pattern carefully before buying. Because at the end it’s the user who should be able to clean it up properly. So a Shower with rubber nozzles head are  good because they can be easily cleaned up and prevent scaling and thus prevent from blocking of water flow.

2. Power Consumption

An Electric shower should be selected on basis of power consumption. One need to check this factor before buying this it should vary between 8.5kW and 10.8kW. Some of the available power ratings are 7.5, 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 kW by different companies. One would have to pay more bills for an electric shower with a higher power rating. But with that a user can get efficient water sprays by a shower that water boiler in less time span from the water supply. Mode settings present in the electric shower can be varied from low to high or can be set to economy mode.

3. Quality of product

The product quality depends on the quality of material used in the product. It’s important to consider this factor to avoid unnecessary accidents that can cause due to overheating of the metal body. The spray head is attached to a metal bar which is attached to the wall which helps the shower head to maintain its height which can easily be varied as per requirement. So one should consider longer rails as they are safe and flexible to use.

Based on the above advantages use of shower and quality some study has been conducted based on the reviews of satisfied customers of different bands. This data will help a new user to give an idea to decide and help in buying a good valuable product for its home. So just consider these data before concluding for a particular brad of product.

Reviews of Best Electric Showers:

In order to help you in choosing the best electric shower for your bathroom, this surveyed will help the user .The survey has the biggest electric shower brands such as Aqualisa, Mira, CORAL, Gainsborough, Global Electric and Triton.

In the table below, one can find out different brands of electric showers which are being rated from different points such as performance, right flow strength, setting for temperature control, and even controls the temperature as per weather also. The data provided here is just a survey result calculated on the basis of satisfied customer score for each brand.Thus this will help the customer to reveal and find the best electric shower brand for its real-life use.

Over all study of all brands;

Brand (with Model) Power(in Kw) Rating( out of 5)
Triton 7.5 to 9.5 4.39
Mira 8.5 to 10.8 4.28
Aqualisa 10.5 3
Creda Aqua Ambiance 10.5 3.5
Gainsborough 9.5 3.5
Redring 8.5 4.6


Out of the study it can be concluded that Triton and Mira lies in the affordable and budget gazette range which are safe to use. If anyone is interested in trying a new brand then can go for Redring which has designed an efficient shower of 8.5 kW with an affordable price of approximate of 60 euros and the best part is it’s liked by most of its users. If one has the plans to buy a good and budget electric shower then it can go for these brands, if anyone has a plan for quality not for budget then can go for Aqualisa. Here is another further study result of budget these two electric showers which are being liked by most of its users.

This is an individual study on different models of Mira.

Brand (with Model) Power(in Kw) Rating( out of 5)
Mira Vie 8.5 4
Mira Advance ATL 9.0 4.4
Mira Zest 8.5 4.3
Mira Vie 10.8 4
Mira Elite ST 10.8 4.5
Mira Sport 9.8 4.5


This is an individual study on different models of Triton

Brand (with Model) Power(in Kw) Rating( out of 5)
Triton Servile 7.5 4.5
Triton Martinique 9.5 4.5
Triton Passion 8.5
Triton miniature 9.5 4.5
Triton Osiris 9.5 4


After having a close study in these two brands one can go for Triton though the review of user and figure of power consumption suggest it to be good over Mira. There is hardly a small difference of user reviews which make Triton the best to go for. It’s also recommended to go for Mira too. If anyone is interested to try a new brand which is good and efficient then can go for Redring too.

Best Brand of Electric Shower:

This option of electric showers by different companies can help you out in saving time; reduce energy waste by optimizing shower experience with less wastage of water.

Triton: It’s a good advisable brand of shower. It requires cold water supply with no hot water wastage. It’s quick and easy in installing. It proves 99.7% energy efficient with higher kilowatt rating. It is available in white and chrome.

Mira: It’s a good economical brand. It uses clear scale technology which is designed to last 50% longer. It’s so designed that is always ready to use at any point of time of the day or night.

Aqualisa: It is simple, safe to use and easy to install. Aqualisa has created a blueprint by using next generation of technology to build a user-friendly electric shower.

Creda Aqua Ambiance: This is unique electric shower that comes with LED lighting. The polished chrome panel of the shower has embedded LED with colored frosted fascia, to provide ambiance and style in bathroom. It has got multi spray mode setting in the panel of the shower.

Gainsborough: It one of the most popular brands chosen in UK. It saves about 20% of daily current consumption. It is available in 3 different colors such as white, chrome and graphite.

Redring: It has different power option to start with eco timer button to set. It has got rotating temperature flow control.It has better power efficiency and come with in affordable price range.

Though all these brand and model of shower has same function but they vary due to company trust and manufacture property. Thus totally depends on the decision of the new user to buy which type of product.

Final Verdict:

The Electric showers are considered to be good choice because it’s versatile; handy for all season application. One can buy these showers by comparing the above calculated market reviews of other users. Even a user can go to online stores such as amazon, eBay to get a desire product by comparing the reviews of other users based on budget and power consumption. One can even visit its nearby stores to check out the catalogue in the stores. Before buying any product one need to consider the building structure of the customer as well as the plumbing suppliers. It totally depends on the user to choose its own brand or models exclusively, but it is recommended one should get the cheapest, efficient and quality product of some strong brands like Mira or Triton first or even can go for Aqualisa for modern qualities and feature. One should not forget the power consumption also; it should be in a range of efficiency zone of 8.5 to 10.5 kW. It’s important that you consider feature, style, price and quality of the shower. Thus the above study result proved gives a view about top brands of the electric shower present in the market it’s up to one to choose one depending on requirement, structure, and water supply and over all users budget to buy the product. These facts and data will help a new user to decide the best one.